Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Driver Motor L293B

L293B is known as push pull four channel drivers. Robomaz have used this driver to run their motors. The detail about this driver was explained below.

  • Inhibit Facility
  • High noise immunity
  • Separate logic supply
  • Over temperature protection
  • Output current 1A per channel peak output current 2A per channel (On repetitive)

The L293B are quad push-pull drivers. It’s capable of delivering output currents to 1A per channel. Each channel is controlled by a TTL-compatible logic input and each pair of drivers (a full bridge) is equipped with an inhibit input which turns off all four transistors. A separate supply input is provided for the logic so that it may be run off a lower voltage to reduce dissipation. The L293B are packaging in 16 and20-pin plastic DIPs respectively. Both use the four centers pins to conduct heat to the printed circuit board.From the picture, it is one of the H-bridge driver. Transistor 2N3004 had been used to make motor moving forward and reverse.

Design of Obstacle Robot

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

COntroller board of Obstacle robot

The first step to start making the obstacle robot, we must create a controller board. It contains PIC16F877A(optional), oscillator ,voltage regulator and burner circuit to download the program into PIC.The operational of this PIC is 4.5V-5.5V.